Monday, August 17, 2009

Training Day 090817

Wide Stance Box Squat
2 rm
1 set max reps at 75% (of 1rm)

Dimel Deadlift
3 x 20

Saturday Mornings

What will you do this week that will have an effect on your performance, or your progress towards your goals? Will you be stronger at week's end? Will you tip the scale in the direction you want to see it go? Up a few pounds for those who need it, down a few for those who need to lose it? Will you get an extra chin up? Five more pounds on your Squat? Will this week contain the day where you cross off the goal that drove you to begin training? Sadly, most athletes (or to be more specific, most athletes who currently pay someone to help them in the acquisition of their goals) don't begin their week with this outlook. I don't blame them, they probably haven't had much experience with people getting what they want out of training or dieting or whatever the case may be. Their sights are set unnecessarily low. They pay lip service to wanting to progress, but don't because of a combination of variables that they have deemed important enough to hire someone to assist them in managing, to lay out a template for their actions that will ultimately help them in getting what they want. But that is not what happens. The "trainer" or "box" or whatever other homoerotic designation that the facility or supposed fitness professional chooses to adopt experiences an economic stimulus through receiving payment of the clients money, while the client receives a pat on the back and some words of encouragement. Sad huh? Well, Greyskull doesn't work that way, and thank God, because I would get less sleep than I do if that were the case. I know that my athletes have a very good outlook on their coming training week. It will be hellish at times, but will be full of activities that are congruent with their current individual (key word there for the one size fits all crowd) goals, and will bring them closer to them. Little Z will get another chin this week, her mom will Box Squat a new PR double, and will probably squat for a set of 5 on Friday what was a one rep max a few weeks ago. Dean will drive his working weights up on all of his lifts, Jenn will come down a bit on the scale while adjusting nutrition and getting stronger. Everyone will be doing something, and all of it will be good. If you aren't in an environment like this, or worse, if you're paying "rent" to be in a lesser environment, please find one like ours. Trust me, life is much better on this side of the fence.

"Do not be too moral. You may cheat yourself out of much life so. Aim above morality. Be not simply good; be good for something."
-Henry David Thoreau

Interesting Fact: The Wild Turkey is the only bird with a beard. Their beards however are not as sweet as mine.

Word of the Day: Monad


Zarsky said...

Aha! Yes I did get that 2RM PR today. Brutal but very gratifying.

Murph said...

5/3/1 Week 3 Cycle 1
10x10 Dips (assisted)
Kroc Rows

5 rounds
10 Reverse Ring Rows
10 Push ups

Feeling good on the 5/3/1 program. Looking forward to the rest of the week and to the deload next week.


AFF said...

Wide Stance Box Squat - 2 rm
KZ 165x2x1,135x11x1(F/41/166/6')

Dimel Deadlift 3 x 20
KZ 135x20x3

Dean said...

8/15- PR on DL at 345 (prev PR 335)
A month ago trouble with 200 on squat work sets and had to dial back. On course to hit 250 for work set on Saturday. Good stuff!