Monday, November 30, 2009

Training Day 091130

Max Effort Squat

Harlem Invasion/ Impromptu Squat Clinic 11/28.

"The outcome of any serious research can only be to make two questions grow where only one grew before."
-Thorstein Veblen

Interesting Fact: Some male songbirds sing more than 2,000 times in one day. It was the Raptor who painstakingly conducted this research while on the clock for Garda.

Word of the Day: inchoate


Dean said...

Sorry I could not stick around for your beef stew!

Syn said...

Awesome Squat Clinic Johnny!!! We all learned a lot!!!

Syn said...

Thanks Johnny we all learned a lot!!! Harlem loves Johnny Pain!!!

AFF said...

Getting closer to 300 every week!

andy said...

Too bad you guys down the 1 weekend that I wasn't in town -_-

AFF said...

And thanks to the beef stew cook !

Jenn said...

Don't worry Dean... I will even make double the amount next time

Dean said...

Yeah Mandy, the first thing Syncere and Carlos said was, "aw man, where is Mandy? We were hoping to feast on a 209lb butterball!"