Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Training Day 100317

Bench Press
5 x 3

Barbell Row
Straight Sets

Ok, let's do more Bony captions, these are fun.

"The two essential requirements for complete terrestrial happiness are a good appetite and no conscience."

Interesting Fact: About one fifth of the Population of France lives in and around Paris.

Word of the Day: miasma


Jenn said...

I wish I brought my Shake Weight so I could really get it in.

Jenn said...

If I make it look difficult to stretch my arm one of these strapping young Bucs might offer to help me.

Jenn said...

jackpot at 3 o'clock

AFF said...

Does this pose make my chest look bigger?

Zarsky said...

Oooh I think that I got him to look at me. Teehee