Sunday, May 23, 2010

Rest Day 100523

Cast your vote for the winner in comments.

“The Gods cannot help those who do not seize opportunities”
-Chinese Proverbs

Interesting Fact: Mozart produced over 600 musical works.

Word of the Day: borborygmus


Zack said...

Rip by a long shot... and just wanted to let you know i have been watching videos on youtube on rip for 2 hrs

Johnny Pain said...

I agree Zack, Rip's posing was much more graceful number one, and the difference in chest mass between the two was too much for Bony to hope to overcome.

andy said...

Rip wins because of the fact that he isn't gay. And hasn't had sex with men such as steve hanold

k_nkavoyannis said...

I disagree.

I have to give it to Bony, who showed much greater vascularity and whose skin appeared to be much more orange, (though admittedly the lighting was frankly terrible).

Tom said...

Bony had the moves,
Rip had the mass.

It's bodybuilding, not dancing.

Rip Wins.

Zarsky said...

Bony must have sensed that he was outmatched. The desperation showed when he raised his shorts. Surprised that he didn't rip his shirt off. Fighting instinct is hard - well done Bony.

Jenn said...

Rip is all that is man in this posedown.

The only thing that was missing was rip away pants and a bow tie ;)

Bony was outstanding as always with one of his choreographed dance routines he learned at ballet camp.