Monday, July 20, 2009

Training Day 090720

Front Squat
7 x 3
1 set max reps at 75%

Eccentric Floor GHR
4 x 5

Strength is real cool

"Beware of geeks bearing formulas."
-Warren Buffett

Interesting Fact: The odds of getting a hole-in-one in golf are estimated at about 18,000-to-1.

Word of the Day: clancular


AFF said...

PT 90x3x7(F/47/128/5'5)
MT 115x3x7,65x33x1(F/20/125/5'5)
KO 105x3x7(F/25/5'4)
KZ 150x3x7,115x21x1(F/41/160/6')
AFF 165x3x7,135x14x1(F/31/135/5'3)

Zarsky said...

Strength IS cool. There is no better place to get strong than Greyskull.