Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Training Day 100420

Trap Bar carries plus Heavy Sled

The heat has arrived, gettin' busy on the Grill.

“Scandal is what one half of the world takes pleasure inventing, and the other half in believing”
-Paul Chatfield

Interesting Fact: In 2002, the Brawny Paper Towel company held a "Do You Know a Brawny Man?" contest and some 4,000 women nominated a person they thought to be a real-life Brawny Man.

Word of the Day: manhandle


AFF said...

I think I saw the Brawny papertowel guy in yesterdays post...?

Dean said...

Dickie has some serious grill skills!

AFF said...

I hate the sled.

Zarsky said...

Andrea is in love with the sled. She asked JP to work it into the programming more often. Maybe we will get to see a video. Hmmm...nah. Andrea doesn't want to be in any videos.