Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Training Day 100629

Prowler Sprint x 8

Joseph, one of the Starting Strength Squat Seminar attendees under the bar on Saturday. We fixed up his tendency to get forward on the descent (seen here: reference the position of the bar relative to the middle of his foot). It was a pleasure having him and his sister, Serena on hand. We look forward to seeing both of them back here soon.

"A good scare is worth more to a man than good advice."
-Edgar Watson Howe

Interesting Fact: President Andrew Johnson left crumbs out for the Whitehouse mice.

Word of the Day: Aleatory


Matthew said...

Out of interest, how did you correct Joseph's tendancy to lean forward? I too have a tendancy to lean forward on the decent, resulting in lose of back angle. Would a cue like "heels down" work here, as well as "knees out".

Shame you don't run any workshops in the UK.

Appreciate your time.

Johnny Pain said...


Joseph's biggest problem was that he was dropping his chest, failing to keep his upper back tight.

Once he learned what it felt like to tighten up up top, the bar path got much better. From there, an emphasis on getting his knees out to the sides hard instead of letting them come forward did the trick nicely.

And we may very well be doing some overseas workshops in the future. I'd love to do the UK, as well as Australia, and Italy where a lot of my consult clients are.

Jenn said...

Bench Pr's 155 and 160
(missed 170)