Sunday, September 12, 2010

Rest Day 100912

JP's Rest Day Tip# 8: Cottage Cheese and Yogurt

Combine the two in equal parts for a solid meal. This is the only way I can eat cottage cheese, I have a gaggy relationship with the stuff ever since I watched my mom eat it when I was a kid. Use the full fat versions of both for a high calorie, protein packed, mass gain change of pace, or use the non fat versions for a low calorie fat loss tool. This is a good one, try it.

Two serious dudes named John. Damn good guy, and excellent host.

"Insanity's Sanity, f*cking comfort in pain/ Feelings of self loathing tormenting your brain/Hurting and burning guts turning upside and down/ faced with an obstacle that there's no way around/ Bleeding, conceding and pleading, wishing for death; f*cking virgin to stress, distress, despair and duress/ So quick to judge yet look can't even fill, one of my shoes; f*ck you and you never will/ Cause I been beaten and battered, dreams shattered, tattered and torn and you've been exempt from this emptiness since the day you were born/ So there it is lesson one respect is taken not given son, the chosen one, my lyrical assault on your motherf*ckin world has just begun."
-Champain, circa 2002

Interesting Fact: Swallowed gum is not digested by the gastrointestinal system, it usually passes through within 24 hours.

Word of the Day: anacoluthon

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