Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Training Day 090707

Max Rounds in ten minutes:

Sandbag Continental Clean and Press x 10
Heavy Swing x 10

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Sweat, Lots of it

"The more comfort the less courage there is"
- Field Marshal Prince Aleksandr V. Suvorov

Interesting Fact: Cicadas vibrate their bodies 500 times per second. That's nothing however compared to the vibration frequency of Bony's six "D" battery powered "Urban Knight".

Word of the Day: postprandial

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AFF said...

PT 5(25lbs/30lbs)(F/47/128/5'5)
KZ 6(50lbs/45lbs)(F/41/166/6')
AFF 6(50lbs/45lbs)(F/31/136/5'3)