Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Training Day 090804

Ten Sets
60 to 90 seconds rest
Use Heaviest load that allows all sets to be completed

Muscle Snatch x 4
Lunge (L+R=1) x 4

Post experiences to comments

Little Z (12) being coached in the squat by Rachel (12) and Mandy (14). Little Z took this set for a ride on a rep max, hitting 12 reps with 75lbs, 5lbs more than her bodyweight. Not bad for a girl who couldn't support herself in a "plank" when she came to Greyskull a year ago. This was the last rep of the set, you can see her knees caving a bit from fatigue. She had two triples and rep max set prescribed in this particular session, and was concerned going into this one that she wouldn't get all three of the last triple. I told her she needed at least six, she doubled me. I was very proud and a bit shocked to be honest to see her push through the last four which came with very labored breathing and shaky legs. Rachel and Mandy hit PR's of 195 and 320 respectively earlier today in belts and wraps. Little Z is knocking out chins (dead hangs, not hanging epileptic fits on the bar) and deadlifting well over her bodyweight like it's her job. Most impressive to me, is the fact that these "kids" can lay out programming templates, speak at length on nutrition, and coach movement better than the overwhelming majority of the "fitness professionals" that I have come in contact with. What are your kids up to? Have you matched Little Z's progress training twice a week this past year? How are you coming on those goals? If you're paying a "trainer" or are in a "class" what can you say about the value of your investment? I'll bet good money that if you aren't happy with these things that Rachel and Little Z could set you up with some advice that may get you a bit closer to where you want to be. Or if they were busy being kids, I might take a crack at it.

"In preparing for battle I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable."
-Dwight D. Eisenhower

Interesting Fact: In the early 1960's, Porsche commercially manufactured farm tractors.

Word of the Day: Defatigable


Murph said...

Little Z is just scary.

A question for the kids (or JP if they are busy)
Where are you starting the MS from (floor, hang, mid-hang, don't care)?

AFF said...

Hell, just hell. And btw, Kathy overslept.

Dean said...

Nice work Little "Z"! Your drive and determination is very impressive. Hearing of this type of work and effort makes everyone want to work harder toward their goals.

Johnny Pain said...

Little Z is pretty scary, I agree.

Now,as for the Muscle Snatch, It is coming from the floor. I hope I got to you in time, because with this type of thing, if you were to have done it from the hang or the mid hang, the gestapo would have come and arrested you, it's that serious. At least there is a whole cult of sheeplike people out there who feel that way. You may know some;)

Zarsky said...

Way to go my Little Z. Also very proud of you for pushing out those reps!

Mental toughness. That is what I love to see.

Zarsky said...

OUTED!!! I'll make it up tonight I swear. Although your hell, just hell comment makes me very nervous.

Murph said...


Day two of 531
Then front squat as assistance (along with toes to bars).

JP- consider fs as assistance for back squat if you have not already. This works extremely well if performing low bar back squats.

Bjj in the evening. Will try the ms/lunge on Wednesday.