Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Training Day 091117

Prowler Sprints

The Raptor's new ride.

"How many things are there which I do not want."


Interesting Fact: cats do not sweat.

Word of the Day: curple


Dean said...

dont you mean "the raptors new vehicle"?

Dean said...

good sleep = good training day
no/bad sleep = bad training day (dumping bar on warm ups etc..)

God damit! Can I get some good sleep!!!

Zarsky said...

You did a much better job JP.

And Andrea told me to post that I got another PR today. 250 deadlift for a set of 5 ;-)

Elizabeth said...

hot diggity dog!!! great job on the PR's.
Dean- what is the problem? get some sleep dude, you're missing on the PR parties AFF and Zarsky are constantly having.

I am training solo until Nikki returns from her honeymoon, once she gets back though...IT'S ON....and not like the brake of dawn, it's on like king kong.

Dean said...

Got major sleep issues (as in just diagnosed with sleep apnea and a kid on the way to boot!)that are thwarting my recovery.. Trust me.. I would love to join the PR party....

Yeah, I know.. cry me a river right?!

Bony said...

you could sweat a river ;)

Dean said...

I have sweat a river. How's the new ride?