Thursday, July 2, 2009

Training Day 090702

Descending Ladder from 10

Sandbag Shouldering (R+L=1)

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"The hardships of forced marches are often more painful than the dangers of
- General Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson

Interesting Fact: It takes roughly 600 grapes to make a bottle of wine. That's about 40 carbohydrate "blocks" for all of the Zone homos. 40 is also the number of sailors Bony once serviced in one evening after drinking one bottle of wine. Irony like this freaks me out.

Word of the Day: Prolegonmena


AFF said...

MLR 10:26 (25lbs)(F/40/110/5'3)
AFF 10:46(50lbs)(F/31/139/5'3)
KZ 16:02(50lbs)(F/41/166/6')
MAT 14:46 (20lb)(F/19/55)
PT 15:16 (25lbs)(F/47/128/5'5)

douglas said...

Sandbag = 97#
I did it backwards:
10 shoulders - 1 burpee
9 shoulders - 2 burpee ect.

12 minutes 13 seconds


douglas said...

97# sandbag
I did it in this order:
10 shoulders (L&R) - 1 Burpee
9 shoulders - 2 burpees ect.

12 minutes 13 seconds